What Parents Are Saying

“Amy Simon is a master at the college application process.  I sent my son to Amy and within 6 weeks he successfully applied to 5 colleges. With Amy’s direction my son took ownership of his application process and was able to get everything done in an efficient and high quality manner. I was most impressed and excited with his essays.  They were articulate, interesting, and grammatically correct.  I’ve referred many students to Amy and everyone thinks Amy excels at working with high school age student, and is gifted with helping students apply to colleges.” 

- Highland Park High School Parent

“As a first time parent of a college applicant, we turned to Amy Simon for help in my son's greatest weakness . . . essay writing. Not only did Amy meet our expectations, she far exceeded them!! She also helped my son with explaining the different perspectives on applying to the various colleges and helped organize all of his applications. She took ALL of the pressure off of the parents and made what could have been a very stressful process enjoyable!! We highly recommend Amy Simon without any reservations and look forward to working with her in the future with our two other children.”

- New Trier High School Parent

“I think you have come up with the most brilliant idea for a business ever!! The nagging that you have prevented from occurring has greatly improved the quality of life in our home. This application process is SO stressful for the kids and adding parental anxiety to the mix would only have fueled that stress. My husband and l truly appreciate all of your help and can't thank you enough for your dedication, patience, and superb work.”

- Deerfield High School Parent

"Amy was a life saver!  With her help, what could have been a very complicated and overwhelming process became organized and stress-free.  Our daughters really enjoyed working with her.  It was a huge relief to them (and us) knowing an experienced eye was making sure applications were completed correctly and on time and that their essays were on topic and worded appropriately.  We highly recommend Amy to anyone looking to simplify the college application process."

- New Trier High School Parent

“The college application landscape is not what it was 20, 10 or even 2 years ago. It is an ever evolving and complicated process. Amy Simon kept right up to the minute with the new procedures and provided not only expert guidance but the valuable peace of mind for both myself as a parent and for my child, that everything was in order and taken care of and that my daughter was headed in the right direction. The relationship Amy and her team established with my daughter also helped alleviate much of the stress that all college bound children go through and provided a non-parent adult opinion that was much appreciated! Amy Simon College Consulting Inc. Thank you!!!”

- Highland Park High School Parent

“Amy Simon was an enormous help to my daughter at the most stressful point in high school (for both parents and child!) She made the college application process (a very confusing and overwhelming situation) into an absolute pleasure. She is easy to work with, caring, and helpful in a way we could never have imagined. Her knowledge about the whole process put us at ease immediately. We feel lucky to have had her assistance!!”

-  Deerfield High School Parent

“I cannot say enough wonderful things about Amy and Amy Simon College Consulting. Amy’s personality and organizational skills made the college application process so much less stressful, for everyone. Amy has been an amazing "partner" to have throughout this process and we are thrilled to know that our other three children will benefit from Amy's time and expertise.”

- Highland Park High School Parent

What Students Are Saying

“Amy Simon’s help when applying to colleges was invaluable. She took a stressful job and broke it down into small manageable steps. With her guidance I was able to accomplish all of the necessary pieces and complete my applications efficiently. I was most grateful for Amy’s input on my essays. With her expert essay planning and editing skills I was confident that my essays were both engaging and grammatical correct.  From start to finish it was always productive and fun to work with Amy.”

- Highland Park High School Student

“As a first child, I was very confused by the college process until Amy Simon College Consulting helped me. I have not experienced one ounce of stress regarding the college process because of Amy. She is one of the most organized people I have ever met and she is always available to answer any of my questions! I HIGHLY suggest Amy and her team to anyone because they make the whole process quite enjoyable!!!”

- Deerfield High School Student

"Amy made the college application process a breeze. There was not one time that it was stressful. Before senior year, I was trying to put the college process out of my mind, unwilling to think about the (what I thought was at the time) such a stressful process. But now, Amy changed everything, kept the process organized, FUN, educational, helpful, and most of all . . . stress-free!"

- Highland Park High School Student

"Amy made my college application process the most stress-free it could possibly be! I feel so confident about my essays and all other aspects of this huge milestone in my life. I couldn't have done it without her!!"

- Highland Park High School Student


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